Swimming pool stainless steel hair collector

Swimming pool stainless steel hair collector

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Size: 160*270*235mm
Calibre: DN40
Colour: silver
Function: collect hair
Package: carton
Warranty: 1 Year
Customized: yes
Certificate: ISO 9001:2008


Basic Information

Hair aggregators are mainly used in the water treatment and swimming pool circulating water treatment system, as a pre-filtration treatment, remove the water hair, fiber and larger suspended solids, so as not to wrap them around the circulating pump impeller to ensure the normal operation of the follow-up system equipment.

How it works: The equipment has a stainless steel filter inside, the raw water through the internal metal filter, the debris blocked in the net, the water flow out. The bottom of the container with a sewage outfall, sediment, hair, fibre and other debris can be removed, the filter can be removed from the internal cleaning.

Uses: hair aggregator is the role of the collection of hair in the hair and fibrous material, remove the larger size of the floating debris, to prevent the hair into the pump and filler, affecting the normal operation of the pump, plug the filler pores, excluding the post-processing Equipment may have adverse effects. The

All stainless steel, high-grade beautiful and durable, unique observation window and drain, quick open design.


1. Stainless steel 304 material body, stainless steel filter basket, high strength decay resistance.
2. Top quick open structure, open fast, easy to clean.
3. Into the outlet at the same height, the national standard flange interface, is easy to install.
4. Set the venting device at the bottom.
5. Standard filter aperture φ3mm.
6. Special specifications can be customized processing.



Materialstainless steel 304
Applicateswimming pool
Functioncollect hair or other rubbish
Packing1 unit/wooden frame
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