Stainless steel factory supply sand filter

Stainless steel factory supply sand filter

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Stainless steel factory supply sand filter

Pool sand filter styles: Side-mounted sand filter, Top Mounted sand filter, Large Commercial sand filter, thermoplastic sand holder in the living room, bedroom,bathroom and any other places, very convenient 

working principle:

The filter is using of special filter sand to eliminate the small dirt in the pool. The filter sand is used as a medium for removing contaminants and is filled in the chamber of the filter. When the control knob switch to the "FILTER" position, containing the suspended particles of dirt water pump into the filter by the pipeline, and then by the control switch to guide the filter to the outlet. Water through the filter, the small dirt was sand bed filter to get rid of. Filtered water from the bottom of the filter by the control switch and then returned to the pool by the pipeline. This complete set of procedures is continuous and automatic, and for the pool filter and pipe system to provide a complete cycle. After a period of use of the filter, the accumulation of dirt impede water flow to weaken. The filter should be cleaned. The control switch to the "BACKWASH" position, when the water flow becomes the opposite direction, the water flow directly to the bottom of the filter chamber, and then through the sand layer back up, the previous capture dirt, residue red From the sewage outfall, each backwash, the control switch should be hit "RINSE" position, open the water pump 0.5 to 1 minute after the closure, and then hit the "FILTER" position, to resume normal filtration.

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