Luxury infrared sauna room, fir sauna room, far infared sauna picture

Luxury infrared sauna room, fir sauna room, far infared sauna

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Luxury infrared sauna room,fir sauna room,far infared sauna

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Far infrared sauna------improving your health!

  • integrated, multi-functional snd deluxe facility for medicare and recreation
  • incorporates the advantages of both sunlight bath and sauna all in one. The far infrared ray is its major energy.
  • the wavelength of the far-infrared ray is 5.6-15um which is close to the body's own radial that can be absorbed easily.
  •  the far-infrared ray can penetrate 40mm deep into human skins, so the recipient could receive an infrared
  • massage, making cell tissues resonant, accelerating blood circulation and eliminating the impurities
  • - result in both bio-thermal effect and physical effect
Normal Size                                           People                                   
Size: 1200*1200*2100mm1


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