inground one complete swimming pool filter compact

inground one complete swimming pool filter compact

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inground one complete swimming pool filter compact

The enclosure of MC8010 is made of fibreglass and polyvinyl chloride. With a reasonable design, it is attractive and durable. DIfferent from the traditional installation method, a motor room is not necessary to MC8010, saving the budget for the motor room. Furthermore, it is convenient to operate with a low maintenance cost, not just meeting the standards of swimming pools, but saving the construction cost. The adaptation of a quartz sand filter is beneficial for improving filtration accuracy. Plus backwash and complete fittings, MC8010 is an outstanding multi-use in-ground pool filter.  


  1. Description

MC8010 Newly Arrival Embedded Integrated Compact Pool Filter

The embedded integrated filter can be fixed at a convenient place (underground) near a swimming pool. The filter does not need a machine house, which saves construction costs. This filter is characterized by simple installation, complete filter equipment, high performance and conformity to swimming pools specifications. With a durable and corrosion-proof enclosure, the filter can bear 500kg pressure and work well in atrocious weather. These make the filter an outstanding choice for outdoor use.


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