Emaux swimming pool circulation pump

Emaux swimming pool circulation pump

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Emaux swimming pool circulation pump

Features :


1)   Asynchronous, two poles

2)   Class insulation:130

3)   IPX5 waterproof standard

4)   Overload protector

5)   Built-in thermal protection

6)   Heavy duty with ultra-performance to both high and medium head installations in large-size   swimming  pools / commercial spa pools

7)    Materials used are non-corrosive

8)    Using NSK bearing

9)    Ring lock seal design to eliminate suction leaks and to maximize suction efficiency

10)  External heat sink to ensure maximum cooling capability

11)   Available in 380v/50Hz, 200V/50Hz, 110V/50Hz

12)  Specially made union to incorporate both metric& imperial measurement standard 

Technical Characteristics :


  No  Model NO   Connection Size  Input power  Horsepower
  1     SB10     2inch 63mm     0.97kw     1.0hp
  2     SB15     2inch 63mm     1.30kw     1.5hp
  3     SB20     2inch 63mm     1.80kw     2.0hp
  4     SB30     2inch 63mm     2.18kw     3.0hp
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