big power swimming pool water pump for swimming pool equipment

big power swimming pool water pump for swimming pool equipment

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Item No.: P5

Material: copper
Usage: swimming pool water pumping
Voltage: 220V/380V
Power: 750W/1500W/2200W
Packing: carton
Color: black and yellow

Basic Information

HAYWARD filter circulating pump According to the principle of hydraulic design of the pump body, pump and impeller using high-strength engineering plastics, which is very durable. Large filter basket capacity, greatly reduced the cleaning work. Good performance, high efficiency, speed up water injection (irrigation) speed and improve energy efficiency. It is suitable for swimming pools, industrial water, aquarium, water park.

One year warranty, life-long maintenance

For more information about after-sales issues, please contact us online.

Stable operation, longer lifespan

Optimized design with low noise, vibration, stable operation, no rust, easy installation, durable advantages

Highly sealed to prevent water leakage

High-density sealed design, reliable performance, in the long-term operation the sealed state is stable

Long service life and other characteristics. Eliminate pool water pump leakage,

Easy maintenance, Safty use.

Excelent Performance, perfect workmanship

High-strength plastic transparent cover, with hair filters, ultra-low mute; knob convenient, tight seal, energy saving and environmental protection.

After-sales service

From customer consultation to specific project parameters measurement, quotation, and then transportation, installation and a series of links for professional guidance, the full solution for the customer solution worries.

After many years of grinding experience, our team, growing. Has become a reliable and strong team


  • 1. Water pump should be installed outside of the pool (cylinder), under the normal water level, the installation must be level and strong.
  • 2. The inlet and outlet pipes connected the water pump should be tight without water leakage.
  • 3. Connect the power supply wiring according to the wiring diagram on the motor nameplate. Each pump should be provided with a fixed power supply. The power supply should comply with the voltage and frequency marked on the nameplate. The power supply must be equipped with safe and reliable leakage protection switch.
  • 4. The motor must be connected to a suitable ground wire to prevent electric shock.
  • 5. Three-phase motor water pump should be no-load instantly through the film machine 0.5-1 seconds to confirm the motor rotation and identification in line with the water can turn on.
  • 6. Water pump should be filled before filling the water tank and tighten the cover to start running.
  • 7. Pumps in the winter when deactivating, should drain the water in the pump, in order to prevent the cold burst. The filter should be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging.
  • 8. Mechanical seal (water seal) after use for a long time there may be wear dripping, this situation, only need to replace the accessories can be used normally.
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