Acrylic pool waterfall

Acrylic pool waterfall

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Product Information

Item Name: Factory directly acrylic  pool waterfall pond cascade spillway with RGB led light
Material :acrylic
Size : L30,L45,L60,L120,L150cm or customized
Package:Carton with Foam in one packages.  
Accessories :led light, controller,remote,adaptor



  1. Descriptions

This colourful rainfall pool waterfall wall-mounted waterfall fountain has many sizes, it can be creating various colourful water effects, bringing
beauty to private gardens, swimming pools, parks and garden communities.

Built-in waterproof LED waterfall fountain lights to decorate water. There are many sizes of waterfalls to choose from, and one controller can control several water systems, all wall fountains with led will change colour at the same time.

Many different models this wall waterfall fountains line can suit different wall-mounting requirements. One of them accompanied by a small pump and filter combination provides you with a vibrant colourful LED waterfall which adds to your backyard visual interest, soothing sound of flowing water and moist fresh air. Connection pump to use


2. Features

·         Steady and even flow products state of garden water fountain

·         Built-in water-proof LEDs adds colours to water

·         LED is powered by external 12V DC, which is safe and reliable.

·         The LEDs can be operated through panel or remote control and 17 lighting patterns are available

·         Different lengths of lips in different models can fit various brick sizes for installation

·         Multiple water descents can share the same controller and act in the same paces.

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