Acrylic pool waterfall fountain cadcade spillway with led light

Acrylic pool waterfall fountain cadcade spillway with led light

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Spa Massage Acrylic Outdoor Waterfall Wall Swimming Pool Fountain with transformer and remote controller


Product Specifications

Item Name:Acrylic cascade spillway for swimming pool
Material :Acrylic
Size : H52.5XW30*20CM
Package:Carton with Foam in one packages.  
Other Sizes : Customized



  • Beautiful fountain provides more than a decorative element in home and garden or simming pool.
    Fountains are works of art in and out of themselves and aid oxygenation of the water which is essential for all aquatic plants and animals.
    The water feature also adds a sound feature to the place in which they are installed which is very relaxing and pleasant.


Competitive Advantages


Each water feature has a TWO years limited warranty on manufacturing defect parts including the panel, water tray, water distribution. The re-circulating pump and electrical system have a ONE-year manufacturer's warranty.  

2-Delivery Time

We do our best to provide high-quality products in a timely manner. Delivery times for custom or personalized orders will be quoted individually. 

3-Custom and Personalized Orders

Your custom and personalized orders are welcomed.  In addition, company logos can be etched into the stone for an additional cost. Contact us for a price quote. 

4-Water Usage

The water feature acts as a natural humidifier. We recommend only using distilled water to reduce the maintenance of your waterfall.

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