ABS PVC swimming pool skimmer

ABS PVC swimming pool skimmer

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Item: PVC skimmer
Material: ABS
Type: concrete pool or liner pool

  1. Description

2014 popular cheap skimmer boater straw hat online shopping, it is a popular product all over the world.

1) A wider mouth is able to cover a greater surface area of the pools.

2) Ideal for free pools with more acute bends and curves.

3) Also for pools that have less depth but more surface area.

4) Skimmers should be placed downwind of the prevailing winds to prevent stagnant areas of dirt from forming
5) The water level must be around 2/3 of the height of the skimmer mouth for more efficient surface skimming
6) We recommend installing one skimmer for every 25 m2 of water surface

2. Characteristic

2014 popular cheap skimmer boater straw hat online shopping

PQ0030CWhiteABSConcrete Pool1-1/2” Threaded150
PQ00300VWhiteABSVinyl Pool1-1/2” Threaded150
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